5 Reasons to Stop Working with an SEO Company

Five Reasons to Stop Working With an SEO Company

1. Lack of Reporting

Lack of Reporting

Regardless of who you choose to do your SEO, there should be a contract up front. This will outline what the company will and will not do, and what the expectations of their SEO strategies are. Detailed in this contract should be the reporting agreements.

If the company you are working with fails to give you reports, it is difficult to see the fruits of their efforts. Reports are essential to watching the progress of your SEO campaign and how it is improving traffic, popularity, and even sales.

Make sure you are getting what you agreed to in the beginning, whether it is monthly or quarterly reports. If the company fails or refuses to provide reports, odds are they aren’t doing their job. All of our SEO plans come with informative monthly reports with updates on your campaign progress.

2. Lack of Social Engagement with Clients

Face it: social networking is the fastest way to gain new potential customers. If the SEO company working for you isn’t blowing up the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), it is a gigantic missed opportunity.

Social networking is not just recreational anymore. It is essential for business growth and definitely maximizes SEO efforts. Without social networking, your market is severely limited. A lack of attention to social networking can be an indication of other problems such as outdated SEO tactics.

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3. Lack of Communication

An efficient SEO company should make themselves easily accessible to their clients, whether by phone, text, or email. If you have questions, they should be there to answer them. Remember, they work for you!

Sometimes SEO tactics and strategies don’t go as planned, and this should be communicated to the client. Having clear lines of communication when things are going as they should, and if they happen to go awry, is essential to any business relationship. Don’t be scared to check in on your SEO company and their efforts.

4. Lack of New Content

Adding new and innovative content and information to your site is critical to maintain rankings and gain new customers. New or updated content should continually be added to your website, and the amount and frequency should be decided upon in your contract.

While SEO strategies are long-term, there is some work that must be done on a consistent basis. Content additions and information updates definitely fall in this category. Make sure something is happening on your site on a monthly basis.

5. Lack of Results

Don’t jump the gun on this one, but if you aren’t seeing any improvements in the areas laid out in your contract after 3-6 months, it may be time to move on. You may have seen results in the beginning, but are now asking yourself, “Why did my SEO stop working?” From the get-go, realistic results are important, but the SEO company should also be upfront with what they feel they are able to produce. Keeping updated reports are essential to showing results.

Typically, there will be other smaller problems leading up to this very obvious one. If you can’t get in touch with the person in charge of your SEO, they aren’t giving you reports, and you aren’t seeing results, it is probably a good idea to find a company that can provide in all of these areas.

Ultimately, SEO is a long-term adventure, with a limitless pay-off. Ideally, when you choose a company to handle your SEO, you will pick a winner. But, if you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, we have the tools and team members to turn your site around. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation!