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As an accomplished E-Commerce specialist, finding innovative ways to increase workflow efficiency is more than just doing my job - It's a personal challenge that I enjoy. I get great satisfaction out of developing new techniques and processes and seeing the benefits unfold. I believe that there is always room to do things more effectively, and that it's my responsibility to find a way to make it happen.

SEO Friendly Domain Names – The Mystery Unravelled

Though we have already covered how to choose a domain name in a previous article, the mystery of finding a SEO friendly domain name needs to be addressed. If you are new to the internet, you’ve probably heard a lot about choosing the right domain…

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Why Customer Reviews are Important for SEO

There is nothing new about customer reviews for businesses. In fact, for decades businesses have used client feedback to better serve customers. Obviously, customers are key to a successful business and happy customers often refer new clients to your business. New customers like to research…

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Good Backlinks vs. Bad Backlinks

One area of SEO that we constantly work on is backlinks. A backlink or “link” for short, is clickable text on a website that links back to your website. We get countless questions on backlinks and the value of links in the search engines today….

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