Author: Jarrod Smith

As an accomplished E-Commerce specialist, finding innovative ways to increase workflow efficiency is more than just doing my job - It's a personal challenge that I enjoy. I get great satisfaction out of developing new techniques and processes and seeing the benefits unfold. I believe that there is always room to do things more effectively, and that it's my responsibility to find a way to make it happen.

Minimize the Cost of SEO Services

Many of my clients ask me, “How can we cut the costs of our SEO and internet marketing strategy?” It’s no surprise that most clients want to keep the costs associated with internet marketing, social media, and search engine optimization to a minimum. The more money my clients save, the more money they have in … Continue reading "Minimize the Cost of SEO Services"

Jarrod Smith

Why is SEO So Expensive?

If you’ve been hounded by salesmen calling you about ranking with SEO, you’ve probably entertained a few of them on the costs and benefits of their SEO plans. If you’re visiting my website looking for an expensive SEO expert then you’re probably not happy with what you’ve heard so far or you’re sick and tired … Continue reading "Why is SEO So Expensive?"

Jarrod Smith

5 Reasons SEO Companies Don’t Work

Technology changes so fast these days that it’s essential for an SEO professional to stay on top of not only monthly and weekly developments, but changes that are occurring on a daily basis. It will become evident pretty quickly when your SEO company is using outdated techniques that no longer work. Most small business owners … Continue reading "5 Reasons SEO Companies Don’t Work"

Jarrod Smith