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How to Get New Patients for a Dental Practice

In addition to having a dedicated, well-trained team of professionals and good word of mouth, a strong marketing strategy is essential in obtaining new patients at your dental practice. Below is a list of key tactics that will help build your online presence and take your practice to the next level! The Website is Step … Continue reading "How to Get New Patients for a Dental Practice"

Jarrod Smith

Dental Office Marketing Strategies

Good dental marketing starts with good word of mouth. Having a dedicated, well-trained staff will make all the difference in getting consistently good reviews and referrals. A clear-cut marketing strategy will help you utilize tools beyond just word of mouth to advertise and develop visibility to new, prospective patients. Using all of the tools listed … Continue reading "Dental Office Marketing Strategies"

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5 Reasons to Stop Working with an SEO Company

1. Lack of Reporting Regardless of who you choose to do your SEO, there should be a contract up front. This will outline what the company will and will not do, and what the expectations of their SEO strategies are. Detailed in this contract should be the reporting agreements. If the company you are working … Continue reading "5 Reasons to Stop Working with an SEO Company"

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What Makes a Trustworthy SEO Company?

Because SEO has become so popular with businesses and because it is a necessity for nearly every small business, the number of internet marketing and SEO companies has exploded since we started doing SEO in 2006. Unfortunately, many SEO companies are not true SEO companies. Instead, they are what we like to call “sales machines.” … Continue reading "What Makes a Trustworthy SEO Company?"

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Why is SEO So Expensive?

If you’ve been hounded by salesmen calling you about ranking with SEO, you’ve probably entertained a few of them on the costs and benefits of their SEO plans. If you’re visiting my website looking for an expensive SEO expert then you’re probably not happy with what you’ve heard so far or you’re sick and tired … Continue reading "Why is SEO So Expensive?"

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Choosing a Good Domain Name

One of the most important factors in getting your website to rank with Search Engine Optimization used to be the domain name you chose. That may not be the case going forward, but it still plays a huge role in the success of your business. In the past, if you wanted your site to easily … Continue reading "Choosing a Good Domain Name"

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5 Reasons SEO Companies Don’t Work

Technology changes so fast these days that it’s essential for an SEO professional to stay on top of not only monthly and weekly developments, but changes that are occurring on a daily basis. It will become evident pretty quickly when your SEO company is using outdated techniques that no longer work. Most small business owners … Continue reading "5 Reasons SEO Companies Don’t Work"

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