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Best CRO Tools for SEO

The Top CRO Tools That Will Improve Your SEO Game

If you’ve ever owned or operated a website, you know you can’t survive without some form of SEO or social media marketing. However, when it comes to edging past your competitors, you need to look at developing a good SEO strategy. What should you focus on? Is it the number of backlinks? Is it developing … Continue reading "The Top CRO Tools That Will Improve Your SEO Game"

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How Social Signals Affect SEO

How Social Signals Help SEO

You may have heard of social signals before, but a lot of people don’t know exactly how they work for SEO purposes. There’s a lot of misconceptions regarding social signals and SEO, so I’m going to try to clear up some of the confusion for you. Keep in mind, while a lot of this is … Continue reading "How Social Signals Help SEO"

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SEO Trends Dominating in 2018

SEO Trends That Are Dominating 2018

Mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a huge advantage if you want to leverage past your competitors. However, with Google’s frequent changes to their ranking algorithm, you’ll find it difficult (see: impossible) to stay up to date with everything going on unless you plan to devote your entire day to keep up … Continue reading "SEO Trends That Are Dominating 2018"

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Alexa Introduces Voice Recognition SEO

It’s not just about mobile phones, laptops and PC’s anymore. If you want your business to leverage forward, you need to be ready for the next piece of technology that’s bound to take over. And smart devices might just be what you should be looking at. Amazon Alexa entered the market in 2014 and it’s … Continue reading "Alexa Introduces Voice Recognition SEO"

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SEO & Voice Search: How to Compete in the Mobile Age

How to Do SEO for Voice Search

Most of us are hooked to our smartphones all day because they’re a gateway to everything we need in life. E-mail, directions, to-do’s, texting, meetings, social media, shopping – you name it. Whether you want to learn something new or simply be entertained, you can simply type in your requirement in your search box. But … Continue reading "How to Do SEO for Voice Search"

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How to Recover from the Google Medic Update

The Google Medic Update – How to Recover

While Google releases an algorithm update every so often, some are more noticeable than others and the Google Medic update made a good example of that. Google’s new broad core algorithm update at the beginning of August affected numerous sites, with many site owners seeing a downward spiral of their site rankings. Among the sites … Continue reading "The Google Medic Update – How to Recover"

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SEO Companies Outsourcing Everything

The 4 Types of SEO Companies

When it comes to the SEO industry, you’ll be able to place most companies into four distinct categories. At the end of the day, make no mistake… there’s only one type of SEO company that you want to place trust in with your online presence. The “Outsource Everything” Company You’ll see this type of SEO … Continue reading "The 4 Types of SEO Companies"

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