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What Makes a Trustworthy SEO Company?

Because SEO has become so popular with businesses and because it is a necessity for nearly every small business, the number of internet marketing and SEO companies has exploded since we started doing SEO in 2006. Unfortunately, many SEO companies are not true SEO companies. Instead, they are what we like to call “sales machines.” … Continue reading "What Makes a Trustworthy SEO Company?"

Jarrod Smith

Google’s Disavow Tool

In light of Google’s crackdown on spam and low-quality links, we thought we’d take some time to describe a useful (and delicate) tool available within Google Webmaster Tools. The Disavow Tool was created for websites that are being affected by spammy links, and that can’t otherwise manage to get those links removed. Google now allows … Continue reading "Google’s Disavow Tool"

Jarrod Smith

SEO & Reverse Engineering Search Engines

Search engine optimization is simply the optimization of code on a website so that web crawlers and search engines can easily gather information from the website and understand what the site content is about. The search engines then categorize the content and rank it based on its quality. Our method of SEO is complicated and … Continue reading "SEO & Reverse Engineering Search Engines"

Keith Anderson

E-Commerce Conversion Optimization

Today’s e-commerce world is extensive and complicated. The days of simply stocking and selling items online are over because the competition is extremely fierce. You need someone who understands customers, e-commerce, website code, and conversion optimization. With the right things in place, you can turn your e-commerce company into a juggernaut online. SEO Hermit offers … Continue reading "E-Commerce Conversion Optimization"

Jarrod Smith

SEO vs. Print or Magazine Ads

We get this question a lot: Do I get a better ROI with SEO than with a print ad? Well, it’s like this. Print ads are different from SEO. Print ads are short-term. They run once or twice and can get varied results. In order for a print ad to be successful, the right magazine … Continue reading "SEO vs. Print or Magazine Ads"

Jarrod Smith

Is Your SEO Company Working for the Competition?

Is your SEO company working for the competition? It’s a reality of the SEO industry that often times companies will work for more multiple clients competing in the same niche. Is it ethical? We don’t believe so, but that doesn’t stop the other guys from doing it! We believe that our clients deserve the top … Continue reading "Is Your SEO Company Working for the Competition?"

Keith Anderson

Is Offshore (India or Philippines) SEO a Scam?

Have you been looking for quality, white-hat SEO? Are you trying to save money on SEO or your internet marketing campaigns? Maybe you’re considering trying an offshore SEO company in India or the Philippines and you’re concerned that the SEO services provided by offshore companies might be a scam. I’ve talked to countless clients just … Continue reading "Is Offshore (India or Philippines) SEO a Scam?"

Jarrod Smith