SEO Trends That Are Dominating 2018

Mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a huge advantage if you want to leverage past your competitors. However, with Google’s frequent changes to their ranking algorithm, you’ll find it difficult (see: impossible) to stay up to date with everything going on unless you plan to devote your entire day to keep up with the industry.

SEO Trends Dominating in 2018

You need to be open to changing your strategy if you don’t want to be left behind. The importance of quality content marketing and good backlinks is on the rise, and you must use that to your advantage even if it takes a lot of time, money and effort to get it right.

Google loves to introduce new tweaks to its SEO algorithm. The SEO industry is in a constant state of war with Google, constantly attempting to reverse engineer these new changes to find out what goes into the ranking formula. Regardless of this, many things stay as a constant as far as what Google is looking for in quality websites.

The Top SEO Trends You Need to Know About

We are more than halfway through 2018, and there have been some dominating SEO trends during this time.

1. Instant Answers

2018 has seen a massive rise in voice searches. As a result, it’s now essential that there is a way to give instant answers in reference to featured content when a user presents a question. Short and precise answers will make your website attractive to both Google and users. While this doesn’t mean that you should be making a bunch of pages with thin content, it does mean that you need to start evaluating your content form and start answering more questions that users might be asking in regards to the topic.

Google Instant Answers

Google loves lots and lots of content. Real humans aren’t always the same case, especially in the age of attention deficits and instant gratification.

2. User Experience is Key

If you’re in e-commerce, your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to consider. Google values a solid user experience more than anything else, and each passing algorithm update is a testament to that. If you want good rankings on Google, you’ve got to make sure that your website meets all standards when it comes to speed, quality, and relevance of the content on the website. A website that is popular among users will (almost) always have success on search engines. The best way to max out the user experience on your website is to use conversion rate optimization tools.

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3. Optimization Of Landing Page Intention

Google has already made certain changes that will help users find what they’re looking for quicker and easier. It’s more important than ever to consider what the user’s intent is when searching for a keyword. For example, when searching for “red shoes”, are they looking to browse products or read information on what red shoes are and how they’re made? Probably not the latter, so make sure the former is the priority of the page you’re targeting for “red shoes.”

4. The Rise of the Mobile Website:

More are switching to smartphones for their surfing, browsing, and shopping purposes – over 3.7 billion people to be precise. If your website looks great on a desktop but is not at all responsive when accessed via mobile devices, then you might be in danger because Google has already rolled out its mobile-first indexing priority.

The changing world of SEO is fascinating, but you need to make sure that you are always on the right side of it.

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