Backlink Removal Services

SEO Hermit has been removing bad backlinks for years, but recently this service was spotlighted because of dramatic changes Google made.

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Backlink Removal Services

These changes have affected countless websites, and we have received many calls from frantic customers asking why their rankings have dropped and where all their traffic went. At first glance, it looks like the webmasters and SEO consulting companies are to blame– but don’t jump to conclusions. There is a fix! Are you experiencing symptoms like these? Did you wake up one morning to see that your site’s rankings had plummeted? Relax, we can help.

Why do sites drop in rankings?

Almost overnight thousands of websites went from organically ranking in top spots, to off the map entirely. Clearly, Google made some sort of change that affected the way they were crawling and ranking pages. The newest algorithmic updates– Penguin and Panda, have (allegedly) morphed how backlinks help or harm a website.

Penguin and Panda

In the past, less than awesome SEO companies would blast spammy backlinks to their website and get awesome ranking results. Google’s teams have been developing methods of dealing with black hat SEO methods by using penalties and (you guessed it–) updates! When Google was contacted to see if and what change was made, they would not confirm or deny anything was done. However, it is obvious when examining website data from Google Analytics, that there are clear drops in traffic and rankings. Why did your site fall in rankings? If it was related to backlinking or penalties, we have the tools to get you back on track. Our customers have seen tremendous results and a revival of their site after we clean up these damaging links.

Why do I need SEO Hermit to remove my bad backlinks?

Poor backlinking results in dramatic drops in ranking and traffic. A decrease in traffic is a decrease in sales, meaning lost revenue. No one has time for that! SEOHermit has the tools to completely analyze your website and determine the needs to get it back on track. After a full evaluation, we come up with a plan for total optimization. There are several steps in the recovery process and we can walk you through each of them.

Web Backlink Removal

Removing backlinks can be done by hand (manually) or with software (using a program). We are committed to the manual process as it is much more thorough and successful. Remember: not ALL backlinks are bad. We take the time to investigate and decipher the good from the bad, and entirely remove the damaging backlinks. We use tools like Moz and Google Webmaster tools to analyze your links. We also take the time to document our process so we can send a report to Google for reconsideration at the end of the project.

Social Media Backlink Removal

If you used a low-quality SEO company and now your site is paying for it, we can help in the recovery process. If your site is poorly optimized, there are a few things that need to be done to gain natural organic rankings again. These can include harmful backlink removal, creating a disavow file, on page SEO and procuring a reconsideration request for Google. The best way to ensure you will get the top of searches and stay there is with a top of the line, legit SEO campaign. Legit is our middle name!

Why SEO Hermit?

  • We are affordable: We offer plans for every budget. Need a subscription? No problem. Want a one time service? You got it.
  • We don’t cut corners: We do it right the first time. No shortcuts, just manual backlink removal. Our focus is on the right way, not the fastest.
  • We have unmatched experience: There isn’t much we haven’t seen in the decade we have been in business. Our team has solutions for all your SEO issues.
  • We have exceptional customer service: Our customers stay with us because we make them a priority. We value your input and go out of the way to fill your requests.
    Backlink Removal Process
  • We are accessible: We have 24-7 availability via email and a phone line if necessary. Video conferencing and in-person meetings are never a stretch for us!
  • We are thorough: Again– we do it right because we take our time. Our methods get results, and our focus is getting on top and staying there.
  • We do it ourselves: We don’t send it overseas to be done by someone else. Our team handles your work, period.
  • We know SEO: Our customers will vouch for us time and time again, that we do the very best SEO. We create websites with legitimate SEO and cover every base.

If your website dropped in rankings recently and you are sick of slow traffic, contact us NOW for your free consultation!