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Florists are professionals that design floral arrangements and sell a variety of plants and flowers through a retail or online store. They create centerpieces for weddings, gifts for special occasions, and arrangements for funerals. While formal training is not required, many florists choose to undergo classes to learn the technical aspect of the floral industry. A florist is responsible for storing and caring for fresh flowers, designing arrangements, and delivering flowers for special events. A floral shop sells a variety of flowers, as well as cards and gifts. Consumers seek a florist to send floral arrangements and trinkets for birthdays and anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Does SEO for Florists Even Work?

Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has greatly impacted the floral industry. Instead of driving to a flower shop, consumers are able to jump online, find a local florist, and order directly from their site. SEO fulfills the biggest piece of this puzzle by allowing the consumer to find your flower shop’s website easily. What is SEO? It is a variety of techniques and arrangements within a website that help it appear (or rank) higher on major search engines like Google. This is important because the sooner a site appears on a results list, the more people can see it and click on it. It just makes sense that more traffic produces more sales!

So, How Does SEO for Florists Work?

SEO Hermit is an innovative team comprised of members that have excellent research, writing, and computer technical skills. We start with an initial consultation, examining your current website design and optimization. We discuss and set goals for your floral shop, as well as define local or national markets to promote within. Our system is completely customizable, from the length of SEO plan, to the amount of hands on work YOU do. We draw up a list of targeted keywords, and get to work on creating a specific plan of attack. We pride ourselves on the longevity of results our methods create, and how seamless our process has become.

Why We Rock at SEO for Florists

We’re prepared to market your website and your business from every angle. From reputation management to e-mail and social media marketing, we’re experts in it all. There’s no way to be truly and legitimately successful when it comes to modern-day SEO otherwise, so be sure any potential SEO company is one that you can trust to do the whole job and to do it right!

To be entirely honest, there isn’t anyone that can do what we can for your company. With so much competition for florists online, if you aren’t in the top results, you won’t get the business. We have over ten years of experience in SEO and have been trusted with some of the most delicate online industry websites (medical, professional, legal) with incredible results. We have awesome references, but most importantly, we never stop expanding our efforts. We always implement the newest strategies for the ever-changing optimization industry. We have the creativity, innovation, and determination to see your online flower shop succeed. Contact us NOW so we can get started with your free consultation!

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