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Locksmiths have been around for centuries, and it is a profession that won’t be the downfall anytime soon — that’s why SEO for locksmiths is essential. A locksmith is a person that is able to build or disengage a lock and may be trained in several different areas. In the past they may have been trained in metal work designing locks, the current security industry allows for locks to be computer generated. The locksmith profession has evolved into a keying and key coding science.

There are a few different avenues for locksmithing, including automobiles, commercial and residential property, and high tech electronic key servicing and key control systems. Some locksmiths even consult for security systems available to home and business owners.

Can SEO for Locksmiths Increase Business?

Because locksmiths provide a variety of “in-person services” it is helpful for their SEO team to focus on local markets. Aiming at a local market will increase the chance of a customer choosing their locksmith company to fill their need. If a locksmith company has many different locations nationally, the team can work to target each of them. With the explosion of smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important as well. Frequent mobile searches make Google Local and Google map searches of utmost importance. Take a minute to think about someone who is locked out of their house or car. What are they most likely to quickly access? A phone! SEO Hermit understands that every business and industry has specific needs and is here to address each for maximum profitability.

Why We Rock SEO for Locksmiths

Why should your locksmith company use us for SEO? We are the best in the business for YOUR niche. Ask our clients! We prove again and again that attention to detail, research, and the best team of experts in SEO produce top ranking websites. We have SEO’ed locksmith sites and immensely improved their rankings, which in turn increases their sales and productivity. We know that there are so many different avenues and specialties for locksmiths and that each must be marketed in the right way. We know not everyone unlocks cars and houses! You can trust us with your business—We guarantee it.

Whether you build locks, unarm safes, or design custom security systems, we are dedicated to using unique and innovative techniques to find your customers. We have designed our company to have the best writers and researchers to find the newest and most effective SEO methods to benefit you. We research keywords specific to your market to ensure our focus is productive. What do you do best? Do you have emergency services? Do you specialize in antique lock mechanisms? We will build our SEO strategy around what makes your company different from everyone else. Contact us today and let SEO Hermit unlock the possibilities for you!

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