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Get Your Website Ranked on Google with our SEO for Orthodontists

Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in bite issues, jaw and tooth misalignments, and a variety of other issues dealing with teeth. They use devices like headgear, retainers, and braces to straighten teeth and improve jaw alignment. Orthodontists differ from dentists because they do not assist with tooth health and care, but focus primarily on jaw function and straightening crooked teeth. Although every state is different, orthodontic training generally requires speciality school for 1-4 years after dental school is completed. In the past, typically children and teenagers were known to have braces or oral appliances, but treatments are now appealing to a much wider audience. Orthodontic care has become more affordable and treatments have developed that produce faster results. Options like clear braces and retainers have made orthodontic care appealing to people of all ages.

Why SEO for Orthodontists?

First, SEO Hermit's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be described as a variety of tools and techniques applied to your website that allow your site to rank on the front page of major search engines. What does that translate into? A customer jumps on Google, searches for "orthodontists {your city}" and your site comes up in the first five results. Potential client clicks on your site and before you know it they're in the waiting room. It's our job to increase the traffic to your site; it's your job to close the deal. Of course, our experience allows us to optimize your site for customers to stay a while once they get there. We know what patients need and expect from a dental website, and you can fully expect us to get you there. Our fully customizable plans allow a hands on or off approach, and can be matched to any budget.

Is SEO for Orthodontists Necessary?

Only if ranking on the front page is appealing to you. Our SEO will increase traffic to your site astronomically, resulting in new customers and (literally) paying for itself. SEO is the most effective form of advertising because it directs customers in need of your service to your website. Compared to a magazine ad, it is much more productive because it matches the person in need of the service with your service. A magazine ad has to fall into the hands of a person searching for the service, while also being read by that person. It appeals to a very narrow market. SEO targets the people in your area, looking for your service. Pretty specific, eh? It's spot on. It works. NO ONE makes it to the front page organically without SEO.

Why We Rock at SEO for Orthodontists

SEOHermit is a team of nerds that have developed specific expertise in areas like keyword research, content generation and reputation management. We also have awesome designers and HTML experts, but most importantly we are a team that is committed to SEO in every facet. We are creative, innovative, and always ahead on the ever-changing techniques in SEO. Our leader did SEO before it even had a name--over a decade ago! Why choose us? Simple: our reputation and results are unmatched. Look and see what our clients have to say about us! We pride ourselves on technique, quality, and professionalism. What are you waiting for? Contact us now for your free consultation.