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Real estate agents, sometimes referred to as real estate brokers, help to find buyers for real estate and often serve as a negotiator or intermediary between parties in the sale of houses and residential or commercial property. This provides a crucial service to both buyers and sellers, as the exchange of real estate can be a daunting and sometimes complex process. Sellers often don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to be able to market their own property as well as navigate all of the fine details when it comes to making a sale and this is where real estate agents come in.

Benefits of SEO for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agencies range from small, private single-agent businesses to ultra-large groups that deal with properties nationwide. Regardless of size or scope, however, all real estate agencies require one thing: clients! Established agencies may already have tried-and-true models for acquiring new clients, but for smaller agencies to get on their feet and for larger ones to expand, the internet is always going to be the most important avenue with the most available opportunities.

Get Your Website Ranked on Google with our SEO for Real Estate Agencies

When someone wants to find something these days, more often than not, they go to the internet. For finding any given type of business the internet has largely overtaken the phone book and other traditional forms of business directories, and when it comes to advertising online marketing is overtaking the effectiveness of print ads at a rapid pace. By investing in your online identity and branding, you’re affecting the largest potential audience and have the ability to see an enormous return on your investment dollar when compared to print advertising or even television commercials.

However, just as negotiating the sale of a home or commercial property is often too much for a property owner to handle on their own, proper internet branding and marketing is often outside the scope of a business owner or manager’s skill set. Arranging and conducting the sale of a home requires a specialist, which is why real estate agents are always in demand. Likewise, building and maintaining a business’s online presence is both a science and an art form, requiring its own specific expertise. This is where SEO Hermit comes in!

Why We Rock SEO for Real Estate Agents

For virtually every business, hiring SEO experts and internet marketing specialists is absolutely essential. Hiring an entire team technical experts to work in-house is beyond the means of many companies, but hiring a good SEO company can be a difficult process. There are many SEO companies that either over-charge, under-deliver, or both. Sometimes you don’t know that you need to stop working with your SEO company until it’s too late.

TIP: Some companies will promise the moon for a low fee, but many of these companies outsource work or use spammy tactics which can, in the long run, leave you in an even worse situation than when you began.

We’re here to make it easy and at SEO Hermit we pride ourselves in doing it all and doing it right. If you don’t have a website, or have an old website that’s due for a replacement, we’ll build a custom website from the ground up, tailored completely to suit your needs and with our SEO practices built right in. If you already have a website that you like, we can keep your existing site and implement our white-hat organic search engine optimization to maximize your visibility to potential clients and increase conversions.

Regardless of what position you’re currently in or what you’re looking to achieve with your web development or internet marketing campaign, we’re here to help. The first step towards more traffic, more clients, and more business is to call our office at (888) 803-0843 or to fill out our online form for a free SEO consultation.

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