Google’s Disavow Tool

In light of Google’s crackdown on spam and low-quality links, we thought we’d take some time to describe a useful (and delicate) tool available within Google Webmaster Tools. The Disavow Tool was created for websites that are being affected by spammy links, and that can’t otherwise manage to get those links removed.

Google's Disavow Tool

Google now allows you to submit a file with a list of links that you weren’t able to get removed for various reasons. Word of warning: this tool can be helpful, but MUST be used with caution. Overuse, or improper use, could literally destroy your rankings, and that’s straight from the mouth of Google.

Disavow Tool Warning

Why Use a Disavow File?

Disavow File

You may be thinking if it’s so touchy, why risk it? Well, since we know that backlinks can both help and harm your website, it is necessary to monitor all of the links that point back to your site.

A few years ago, backlinking was easy and helped sites fly to the top of search engines. As time went on and Google continued to update their search algorithms, many of the links that used to help rankings are now severely damaging them. It is necessary to get rid of all the junk links.

Many people are using a backlink removal service, though some do attempt to personally hunt down the damaging links and delete them. After all, it sounds easy enough, right? It often is, until you run into a webmaster that refuses to remove your bad link, or a site manager that’s been MIA for the last few years. In some cases, a website may even try to charge you an obscene amount of money to remove the link to your site. This actually does happen!

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How to Use the Disavow Tool

How to Use the Disavow Tool

The Disavow tool was created for the unique situation where a link exists that is negatively affecting your website’s rank and there’s absolutely no way to have the link removed.

The tool allows you to state your case and “disavow” links that are reducing your ranking. In a nutshell, this asks Google not to take them into consideration when assessing your website. Google still advises you make every effort to clean up bad links, but this tool gives hope for links that cannot be removed.

If you don’t make every effort to remove that link before disavowing, it could mean big trouble with Google. We don’t recommend messing with them, either! Creating a disavow file is relatively easy but takes some expertise when deciding which links to submit, because you want to make sure the link is indeed harmful and that you have tried everything to have it removed.

Why SEO Hermit is Awesome at Disavow

Why We're Awesome at Disavow

We have extensive experience with the Disavow tool and we’ve conquered its ins and outs. With such a delicate process, it is imperative to consult a professional before submitting this file to Google. Recklessly submitting the disavow file could lead to long-term damage to your website in search rankings. We know how much work goes into obtaining legitimate, high-quality backlinks, and we want to help sustain your rankings.

No one knows SEO like we do, and our customers attest to it! We design and optimize websites, perform reputation management, and load our client’s sites with what it takes for them to climb to the top. Let SEO Hermit handle your Disavow file, so you can move on to more important things!