Refund & Cancellation Policy

SEO Hermit is happy to help you regarding your feedback and concerns about services purchased from us. We are committed to providing the best possible services to our customers. In addition to the quality of our work we value your time, so we ensure that you get your orders in a timely manner as promised at time of estimate.

In the event you are not happy with our services or have any concerns, please email Our expert support team will be happy to resolve your concerns in 2 working days or less. If you are still not satisfied then you may apply for refund/cancellation.

(i) You may apply for a refund or cancellation if:

  1. Products or services were inadvertently purchased more than once for the same URL by mistake.
  2. Service has not yet started.

(ii) SEO Hermit has the right to deny the refunds or cancellations if:

  1. We miss the submission deadline due to client delay or failure to provide necessary content and information as requested.
  2. Service has begun.
  3. Service is in progress or completed.
  4. Client has received content, reporting, etc of the service.
  5. Refund or cancellation is requested for features not included in service package descriptions listed on
  6. Services are performed on a customized basis.
  7. Services were offered with special discounts or incentives.
  8. Services were delayed or denied due to one of the exceptions outlined in Section iii below.

(iii) Your service may be delayed or denied if:

  1. A payment dispute or chargeback is initiated with a bank or credit card company.
    Note: Before requesting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute, please contact us with your billing issue at
  2. Payments are not made at the agreed upon date.
  3. Requested information or approval is not received from Client.