SEO & Reverse Engineering Search Engines

Search engine optimization is simply the optimization of code on a website so that web crawlers and search engines can easily gather information from the website and understand what the site content is about. The search engines then categorize the content and rank it based on its quality. Our method of SEO is complicated and involves a series of steps that we implement systematically.

SEO & Reverse Engineering Search Engines

Reverse engineering, in software terms, is the act of decrypting a closed-source system in order to learn more about how it works. Closed source systems are systems that do not reveal the source of the code and are, therefore, more difficult to understand.

Creating Effective SEO Tactics

Scientific SEO Strategies

SEO Hermit not only focuses on implementing white-hat SEO tactics to make a site rank higher in the search engines, but we also work hard to learn what search engines like and what they don’t like and how our work today will provide positive changes in the future. Of course, this gives us a competitive advantage because our work is based on education and the scientific method.

We can avoid the pitfalls of useless work or “snake oil” SEO solutions that won’t help a site in the search engines. We use a variety of tactics, but we’ve listed some of the most common and obvious reverse engineering tactics below.

When it comes to reverse engineering search engines:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail with trial and error approach
  • Build off of other research done by professional SEOs
  • Test new tactics by varying the strategy of the SEO process
  • Find ways to “connect the dots” by collecting data and analyzing it to find patterns
  • Recycle old tactics to find potential value undiscovered in previous attempts

Deciphering Search Algorithms

Search engines are closed systems and because of this, they can be difficult to predict. Major “upgrades” in search engines can have a drastic effect on website rankings. Trial and error is the cornerstone of solid reverse engineering work. Failure is part of the process, but our extensive efforts to understand how things work in closed systems have allowed us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to major search engine changes. We are not afraid to fail because with failure comes knowledge.

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The Difference Between SEO Companies

The SEO Puzzle

We aren’t a company that tries to reinvent the wheel. We learn from what other SEO experts publish and try to blend the new information into our method of SEO. Sometimes we find information from other SEO experts that doesn’t fit into our method of SEO.

If another SEO expert is using a tactic that doesn’t make sense to us we have to evaluate whether or not the study was done with a sound scientific method or if our own method of SEO needs an adjustment. Because we are essentially putting together a puzzle, we have to ask ourselves why certain pieces of the puzzle fit and why some do not fit. We are indifferent to the conclusion and our SEO method benefits regardless.

Testing new tactics is key to discovering how search engines work. Each new tactic reveals something new about the search engines and how they establish rankings. Even tactics that don’t work can provide clues to how the system works overall. Each time we test new stratagems we vary the strategy to force the search engine to reveal what it likes and what it does not like. Each test is documented and reviewed. Once we think we have enough information we can connect the dots on how the system works and roll the information into our SEO method.

Utilizing Future-Proof SEO Strategies

Creating Future-Proof SEO

Many SEO experts talk about tactics that no longer work. Oftentimes SEO companies will jump on the latest trendy technique that works today with little thought about how things will work tomorrow. The cat and mouse game is what SEO Hermit spends most of its time avoiding. We know that the tactics of yesterday are a clue to how the entire system works today.

Even if old tactics aren’t of any benefit to websites today, they do show how the search engines evaluate sites, backlinks, social interaction, and many other variables related to search engine rankings. We can recycle old tactics in order to find new ways to use them to our benefit.

What Have We Learned?

What have we gleaned from reverse engineering the most popular search engines? Well, we think we know more about search engines than most of the “big” SEO companies. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and implemented a method of SEO that works quickly using solid white-hat SEO tactics.

We are also confident that we can predict the future of search engines based on our research. Our clients can gain an advantage when big changes like Google’s Panda or Penguin updates hit because we are already ahead of the competitors that are reactive instead of proactive. While others are working hard to catch up with search engine changes, we’re confident that any change in the search engines will affect our clients in a positive way.