The Top CRO Tools That Will Improve Your SEO Game

Best CRO Tools for SEO

If you’ve ever owned or operated a website, you know you can’t survive without some form of SEO or social media marketing. However, when it comes to edging past your competitors, you need to look at developing a good SEO strategy. What should you focus on?

  • Is it the number of backlinks?
  • Is it developing good content?
  • Is it marketing strategies like guest posts?

Perhaps the best answer is a combination of different techniques. Google, for one, is continuously making tweaks to its basic algorithms. Making the necessary changes to your SEO strategy will help you stay ahead of the game instead of rushing to recover from penalties.

Conversion Rate Analytics

How Does a CRO Tool Help?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a necessary tool that will help you improve your SEO and overall marketing strategy. If you’re unsure how to make the right SEO changes, you need to look at CRO tools which will allow you take a step back from focusing on doing things for Google and begin focusing on authentic human interaction (which in turn will make Google happy)!

1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg will help you find what’s trending and hot in your market. It makes use of perception heat maps, scroll-analysis, and extensive data analysis so that you get accurate information on what is and isn’t working on your website. Carrying out A/B testing is a breeze as well. The custom user tracking feature will help you improve your data segmentation so that you deliver the information and products that are most relevant to your individual users. Crazy Egg truly is a full-service CRO platform that will replace your other tools entirely.

Crazy Egg Heatmapping

2. Optimizely

Widely considered to be one of the best A/B testing platforms, Optimizely will help you analyze your web pages in-depth. You can opt for a paid subscription and create experiments that will help you unlock data that you’ve never even considered was possible before.

You won’t need to sit around to learn the technical side of website development. Although it has a bit of a learning curve, this tool will allow you to be in charge of traffic allocations and segmentation even if you’re not a CRO expert. Tests will be continued until the tool finds something of statistical significance, at which point it will present you with the winning version for permanent implementation on your website.

Optimizely CRO Platform

3. EyeQuant

One of the most popular predictive heat-mapping tools in the world of CRO, EyeQuant, will let you explore the design metrics associated with your page.

You will be able to pinpoint the most attractive features of your page and understand which are the highlight “hot spots” that you need to focus more of your attention towards. The Attention Map will allow you to customize your site according to the viewers’ preferences.

EyeQuant Heatmapping

SEO Can’t Exist Without CRO

Both CRO and SEO are equally important in order to make your business successful. You’ll find yourself in a dilemma if you prioritize one over the other, so make sure that both are equally included in your overall marketing strategy.

Determine how to strike the perfect balance based on your objectives. If you want to give your business and SEO that added boost, these tools will make it incredibly simple for you to achieve it. They are proven to increase your overall reach and user engagement and come highly recommended by many SEO experts, including the SEO Hermit.

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