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Fertility clinics are medical clinics that take advantage of technology and help people conceive children. There are many different reasons for infertility, and fertility clinics help determine these problems and treat them. They are staffed with a host of doctors with specialties in OB/GYN, endocrinology, embryology and even nutrition. Fertility clinics help with medical issues preventing conception, but may also assist in egg and sperm donation. Different clinics specialize in procedures ranging from in vitro fertilization (IVF), in uterine insemination (IUI), also called artificial insemination (AI), and surrogacy. The main goals of fertility clinics are to assess, diagnosis, and treat complications surrounding infertility.

Why Fertility Clinics Need SEO

Fertility clinics need search engine optimization (SEO) because it broadens their market immensely. Buy an ad in a magazine and the business is limited to the reader that picks up the magazine, but invest in an SEO strategy and the market is opened up to the world wide web. An effective SEO plan enables your fertility clinic to show up on the front pages of search engines, bringing more people to your website, and ultimately through your doors. SEO Hermit is committed to promoting your fertility clinic to the millions of people searching for them online every year.

How Does SEO for Fertility Clinics Work?

To start, the team of SEO Hermit will meet with you to discuss your goals and expectations. We will set attainable goals and work out a timeline. Our team consists of experts in several fields, including keyword research, content writing, and social media marketing. We are dedicated to making your clinic stand out from every other fertility clinic. We can highlight your business with deals, referrals, and recommendations. We can also promote the services you provide, from artificial insemination to in vitro insemination, or help with finding a surrogate, as well as keep your online reputation clean. If your intended market is local or national, we have approaches for both. We always give reports on progress and keep communication clear. We can get your clinic to the top of the list!

Why Choose Us for Your SEO Campaign?

Why choose SEO Hermit to handle your fertility center’s SEO? To put it bluntly, we are the best. We have more experience in successful SEO than anyone we know, and we have hands down the best team members on board. Our experience with medical websites is bar none. The creativity, innovation, and determination for successful search engine optimization puts us miles ahead of the competition. No one works harder for your site’s success! Check our references, search for our sites, or just give us a call. SEO is a complicated process, but we have all the tools to take care of your fertility clinic. Call us today for a free consultation — don’t wait!

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