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Need a Critter Getter? A pest control company or an exterminator provides a service of removing unwanted animals or bugs. From bed bugs to raccoons, and roaches, pest control companies handle the gnarliest of infestations.

There are a variety of techniques that exterminators can use including baiting, traps, pesticides or natural sprays. Some provide fumigation services to eliminate the pests. Exterminators specialize in finding the root of the problem, whether it is an infested plant or an open crevice, they are trained to remove the nuisance. They may also advise a customer on natural repellents. New age pest control companies are developing innovative bug removal techniques that have a low impact on the environment and may utilize green pesticides.

How SEO for Exterminators Can Increase Business

Why should the customer choose you? That is our focus with your customized SEO plan of attack. We pour our efforts into the specific things that make you different from the competition. Whether you specialize in snake removal or roach infestations, we have seen it all. Our specialty is the niche businesses. We know what it takes to bring the customers to your site, in turn increasing your business. The possibilities are endless. Don’t know how to add content to your site to increase your traffic? We specialize in exactly that, along with reputation management services, e-mail, and social media marketing, and much more.

One of the most important factors for SEO Hermit is the research that goes into determining which keywords to use. You might be thinking a good keyword to focus on is “pest control” but research might suggest something different. We have experts in the field that spend hours finding what the customers are looking for, and where they are searching for it. We know that your resources are precious, so efforts spent on this are specific and yield unmatched results. No time will be wasted trying to make outdated or overused keywords ranking. We will make your website the clear choice. If you build it, they will come.

Why We Rock SEO for Pest Control Companies

Why should you trust SEO Hermit with your extermination business? Quite frankly, we are the best. We have ten years of Search Engine Optimization experience. We have compiled the best keyword researchers, and content and code writers anywhere. Our websites produce results, just ask our clients! We will put our team up against any. With mobile technology at an all-time high, you need experts in Google Maps and Yahoo Local and you need a mobile-friendly website. We have you covered. Whether your target market is national, local, or mobile we can focus our efforts on bringing you to the top. The sooner you start, the sooner your investment will pay off. If you want to “exterminate” the competition– Contact us NOW for a free consultation.

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