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A private investigator, also sometimes known as a private detective, private eye, or inquiry agent, is one who can be hired by a company or individual to carry out investigatory law services. Private investigators often work for attorneys and some of the most common types of cases PIs receive involve marital infidelity and missing persons, though they are also often hired for surveillance, background checks, matters of repossession, forensics, and more. One can learn more about private investigators from PI Now.

Benefits of SEO for Private Investigators

Private investigators commonly work with a supporting team of partners or employees. Two eyes are more effective than one, and four eyes are more effective than two. Additionally, while the detective is out working a case, there still needs to be someone to answer the agency’s phone, book appointments, keep documents in order, and handle the many facets of running a private investigation agency. Like most businesses, a private investigation agency requires multiple people to operate efficiently.

But what about web development, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and social media management? These things are absolutely essential in ensuring continued success as a modern business owner, and fortunately, you don’t have to go hire five new in-house employees to get it all done. Here at SEO Hermit, we’re like your next team member that is an expert in all of these essential fields and more.

When you’re on your next stakeout, chances are you won’t have the time or energy to worry about leveraging the internet to bring in more business. We understand just how important your web presence and the online searches of potential clients are, though, and we have the experience and expertise to do the job and to do it right so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Our SEO Will Make Tracking Down Your Agency a Breeze

SEO for Private Investigation Agencies

The phone book isn’t what it used to be, and these days even television is in decline. When someone wants to find a business in their hometown, more often than not they turn to the internet. When a potential client searches for a local private investigator, you need to make sure you’re at the top of the search results. How many competitors are you comfortable with a potential client looking at before they find your agency? If you’re the fiftieth PI in line, chances are they won’t even make it to you. Let’s be honest, they probably won’t make it past the first five. If your agency is at the very top of their search results, however, you’re going to receive a lot more business.

Organic search engine optimization is what we do, and we do it well. It’s far from all that we do, though. If your private investigation agency doesn’t have a website, we’ll custom-build an optimized, mobile-friendly website from the ground up, tailored to your needs. If you already have a website that you like, we can work with it to increase your rankings and your exposure.

BONUS: All of our plans include social media marketing, which is an essential part of our SEO process. With the increasing presence of social media, this will help bring your agency to prospective clients on multiple fronts.

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Whether you’re just starting out or your agency is established with decades of experience, our SEO and internet marketing can increase your search engine rankings, increase your exposure, and ultimately increase the amount of business you receive. Our services are catered specifically towards bringing your agency to the next level. To receive a quote, or if you simply have any questions, call our office at (888) 803-0843 or fill out our online form for a free SEO consultation.

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