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A rehab center or rehabilitation clinic is a hospital or facility devoted to the rehabilitation of patients with various ailments. From drug abuse to musculoskeletal or orthopedic impairments, rehab centers offer doctors and therapy to get patients well. Although some treatment centers are branches of hospitals, most are independently own and managed. Rehab centers exist to provide care at a lower cost than a general hospital setting, but at a similar quality of care as that of a hospital. Rehab clinics may have physicians or staff, but it is not required.

Drug rehab centers focus on getting addicts drug free, while also giving them tools to live a sober life once they leave rehab. Many drug rehab centers address alcoholism, and recreational or prescription drug abuse. Treatment may be court ordered or voluntary and many centers are inpatient (meaning the patient checks in and does not leave until treatment is completed.) Drug rehabilitation requires a detoxification process, and also lifestyle therapy. It may also include physical activity and group therapy sessions as well.

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