5 Reasons SEO Companies Don’t Work

Technology changes so fast these days that it’s essential for an SEO professional to stay on top of not only monthly and weekly developments, but changes that are occurring on a daily basis. It will become evident pretty quickly when your SEO company is using outdated techniques that no longer work.

5 Reasons SEO Companies Don't Work

Most small business owners that hire an SEO company to manage their SEM and SEO campaigns don’t realize how these SEO companies work and why they’re destined to fail at high-quality SEO. I’ve listed 5 reasons that SEO Companies probably won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Consider these points about most SEO companies when you’re looking for the best SEO solution.

1. The Obvious – Many Don’t Know What They’re Doing!

It’s hard to believe, but many SEO companies are using techniques from the early 2000s to SEO websites. I’ve seen so many spammy title tags and meta-descriptions from so-called professional SEO companies! It’s ridiculous. I’ve fixed many sites and brought the sites back from the gutters of Google after an SEO company ruined the site’s ranking.

The fact is that Google changes so fast it’s hard for the SEO companies to stay on top of all the changes along with the upkeep on all of their client’s websites. The sites eventually fall into the sandboxes of Google while the SEO Company still collects a check and you’re left asking yourself, “Why did my SEO stop working?“. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

SEO Salesman

2. The “Middle-Man”

The “Middle-Man” is the guy that sold you the SEO. The problem? Well, chances are he’s only an account manager and salesman. He probably doesn’t do one bit of the actual SEO or Search Engine Marketing. You, as a client, end up talking to this guy and he acts as a middle-man between you and the real SEO experts doing the work. It’s annoying and things get lost in translation. Your expectations are what the middle-man and salesman have sold you, but in the end, you get nothing like what was promised.

These salesmen are experts in over-promising and under-delivering. If you think you’re dealing with a middle-man, try to talk to someone that actually does the SEO. It’s likely that the actual SEO guys are in India, but if you can talk to the real SEO expert he or she will be able to give you realistic timelines and goals.

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3. Constant Competition?

Imagine a scenario where you hire an SEO company that was also hired by your biggest competitor. Sounds like a serious conflict of interest, doesn’t it? Well, it happens all the time with SEO companies. Often these companies see all companies and SEO tactics the same.

Your site’s SEO is just like your competitors’ SEO in the eyes of the SEO company because they don’t have time to set you apart from the competition. If you’re going to go with an SEO company then it is important that they are dedicated to your business and not your competitors’ interests.

4. Feeling Overwhelmed? They Are!

You have it good! SEO companies these days are overwhelmed with business. SEO has become such big money and many small businesses (and large businesses) have invested a ton of money and time into SEO.

SEO Outsourced to India

These SEO companies know that you need SEO done and they’re looking to shark money from long-term, month-to-month payments. One of the dirty secrets of most SEO companies is that they work on your site for a month and then let Google do the rest.

Do you stop paying when they stop working? Oh no! You keep paying because you’re scared your search results will fall into oblivion if the SEO company isn’t paid.

Real SEO doesn’t work that way. If you hire a true SEO expert your results might dwindle over a long period of time after he or she stops working, but you will not see drastic swings in SEO regardless of what happens with Google’s algorithm or if the SEO expert is still handling your website. Most SEO Companies simply cannot handle their workload and sub out the work to India or the Philippines.

5. Flawed Business Plan

Most SEO Companies have the same business plan: herd in as many clients as possible and then duplicate the service over and over with little customization or effort.

In fact, I’d venture to say that most SEO companies these days hide behind the fact that SEO isn’t an exact art, has no real negotiable time-frame for success, and is shrouded in mystery and crack-pot theories. Because a client often has to go through a middle-man salesman it is impossible for that client to get straight answers.

I’ve run into so many people that tell me they’ve hired an SEO company and the company is supposedly doing the SEO for their website. Upon investigation, the company isn’t doing anything and these clients are paying thousands of dollars a month for what is supposed to be SEO. It’s pitiful.

Furthermore, most of these SEO companies push paper and subcontract every bit of the work to India without ever really doing any SEO. They’re simply exchanging invoices and calling their business an SEO company.


The solution to hiring a sales-driven SEO company that doesn’t care anything about your site is to hire a team of experts that do care. Maybe it’s time you fire your SEO company? Whatever the issue, the SEO Hermit can easily handle your SEO needs on a day-to-day basis and you can hold the SEO Hermit solely accountable for the SEO results (good or bad).

Whether you bring in a full-time SEO expert or consultant or let the SEO expert work at home – you, your wallet, and your business will be much better off with an SEO expert dedicated to your site.

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