3 Month SEO Plan

Many of our clients are interested in SEO services.
But they aren’t interested in long-term contracts.

Because we usually recommend a 3-month SEO plan to all clients, we have developed a specific plan for new clients that gives the client a taste of what SEO can do without locking the client into a long-term contract.

The 3 Month SEO Plan by SEO Hermit works for both the client and the SEO Hermit team because the 3 month period is enough time to gather the information we need to be successful and also show the client that results from SEO have a great ROI. Magazine ads, newspaper ads, and print advertising cannot compare to the long-term benefits of SEO.

Most Common Questions About the 3 Month SEO Plan:

It’s funny. Generally, it takes about 2-3 months to see real results from our SEO efforts. That’s why we came up with the 3 month SEO plan!
It really depends on the niche and the competitiveness of the market. In general, the SEO work lasts a few months with no touch-ups. It can last years, but often the competition comes up with new content and the changes in the Google algorithm will push the results down the list over time.
Any time after the 3 month mark – YES! We request that you NOT cancel before the 3 month mark because we will be diligently working on the project.
NO! You can continue on a month-to-month basis with 30 days notice of cancelation. No long-term contract is needed for you to succeed with SEO.
The ROI of an SEO Campaign can vary from client to client and from market to market. Some markets are more competitive and require more work and time. However, no matter how big the site and market may be we can often make a significant difference in traffic and conversions after the 3-month mark. We have tons of clients and referrals that can vouch for our ability to capture new clients and traffic for your business.

The 3 month SEO Plan starts at $1,500/3 months and is a special price for new clients only. Please contact us ASAP regarding your trial SEO plan. You will not be disappointed!