Website Development Services

The very first step in establishing or improving your brand identity online is having a good website.

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Website Development Services

Whether you’re creating a new business or your company has been around for decades, your website is the foundation on which all future SEO, social media activity, and internet marketing will stand. Having a clean, functional, and well-optimized website is likely the single most important part of being successful on the internet.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your website! There are many free or do-it-yourself services that are often tempting for small business owners, but this is one area where not doing it right can absolutely come back to hurt you down the line.

We Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

At SEO Hermit we have decades of experience in web design and development. We know how to create an optimized website that converts, and these days the most important aspect of a site is mobile-friendliness. Many industries are seeing 25-60% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, and yet many websites are not designed to display correctly on tablets and smartphones.

Mobile-Friendly Web Development

In addition to simply providing your mobile visitors with a better experience, Google will actually rank your site higher in its mobile search results when it detects that your website is mobile-friendly. These days there is virtually no reason not to ensure that your website is responsive and suitable for mobile devices. Other benefits of a mobile-friendly website include:

  • Streamlined experience across devices
  • Positive ranking signal
  • Improved mobile conversion rate
  • Improved user experience
  • Faster loading speed
  • More flexible and cost-effective than app development

No matter who creates your website, ensure that your site will be fully mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you may as well be throwing out business!

Looking for Custom Web Development?

Let the SEO Hermit build the website of your dreams!

Built With Our SEO Practices in Mind

What good is a fancy new website if nobody is visiting it? Every website that we build is done so with our search engine optimization practices in mind. Being able to implement these elements into your website from square one is often even more effective than going back and optimizing existing web pages.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

This is something that very few free and cheap do-it-yourself web development services offer. And those that do very rarely do it in an effective fashion. Every web page on every site that we build is done so with our cutting-edge, white-hat on-page optimization techniques.

Lightning-Fast Load Speeds

Lightning-Fast Load Speeds

Google looks at how quickly your page loads as a ranking signal, and additionally this often-overlooked characteristic of a website can have a significant conscious or subconscious impact on a visitor’s impression of your site and business. We optimize every website we make for lightning-fast load speeds.

The Latest Web Technologies

The Latest Web Technologies

The internet is always changing and being effective at web development, SEO, and internet marketing all require staying up to speed, day by day, with the absolute latest in web standards and technologies. We always use best practices to give your website maximum effect and the longest effective lifespan possible.

Tailored Specifically to Your Business

Every industry has its own characteristics and every business is unique. What works best for a carpet cleaner’s website isn’t necessarily going to be best for an injury attorney’s website. There truly is no “one size fits all” website design template or development approach.

Web Development Tailored to Your Business

Many services aimed at business owners are quick to stick you with an over-generalized solution that won’t properly address the nuances of your industry and your company. At SEO Hermit we build every element of every website from the ground up, taking every facet of your business into account while catering to, and even building upon the identity and style of your brand.

Optimized to Convert

Every website that we build has our on-page SEO baked in. Additionally, we focus on optimizing for conversion, because ranking well on search engines is only half the battle. After your website is found it needs to inspire visitors to take action. Whether that means submitting a consultation, making a purchase, or perhaps signing up for your newsletter. We will work with you to identify what action we want visitors to take and then position your web content to drive visitors towards your goals.

SEO Optimized Websites

Many features mentioned here are ones that development services and agencies often advertise, but few truly follow-through with. Free services and sketchy SEO companies will commonly promise you the moon, but in the end deliver a website that either under-performs or, in some cases, may even be in direct violation of Google web standards. High-end boutique design and marketing firms, on the other hand, will often charge many times more than what the work is actually worth. At SEO Hermit we pride ourselves in offering real work with real results at a real, reasonable price.

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