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Once your name and business become visible across the web, you must be known as the best.

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Reputation Management Services

While you’re busy staying at the top of your field, let SEO Hermit maintain your image with our expert reputation management services.

SEO Hermit navigates the minefield that is the world wide web. No one can control what others may post about you or your business, but we will monitor, report, and remove any spam and nefarious comments and reviews that may come to light.

Why Would I Need Reputation Management Services?

Some may say there is no such thing as bad press. We at SEO Hermit tend to disagree. Throughout our eight years leading the SEO industry, we’ve learned that “bad press” has a negative effect on rankings and the general inflow of new customers to your business. That is why SEO Hermit offers reputation management.

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We continuously review hundreds of review sites and listing services. Each month, SEO Hermit will give you a report of the major sites (think Yelp, CitySearch, Angie’s List, etc) and your status on them. We will alert you to spam and negative reviews and what we’ve done about them.

Mobile Reputation Management

And we do not fight fire with fire. SEO Hermit’s core values dictate that we act with the utmost integrity toward our clients and the internet community at large. Our reputation management service will not stoop to their level and use your competitors’ tactics against them. There are honest and professional damage control methods, and these are the only channels we employ.

If reputation management is an arrow you’d like to have in your quiver, please contact us today!

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