Meet the SEO Hermit Team

Picture of Jarrod Smith

Jarrod Smith

SEO Expert & E-Commerce Consultant

As an accomplished E-Commerce specialist, finding innovative ways to increase workflow efficiency is more than just doing my job – It’s a personal challenge that I enjoy. I get great satisfaction out of developing new techniques and processes and seeing the benefits unfold. I believe that there is always room to do things more effectively, and that it’s my responsibility to find a way to make it happen.

Picture of Keith Anderson

Keith A.

SEO Specialist & Web Designer / Developer

I’m the lead web designer and developer at SEO Hermit. Working primarily with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript, I do mostly front-end development work and always strive to stay on top of the latest web standards. I love bringing new ideas to the table and working to improve on everything that I’ve done. My philosophy is that nothing is ever completely finished; there’s always room for improvement.

Picture of Vince K.

Vince K.

Sr. Programmer & Web Developer

As a long time web developer my primary focuses today are code standards, user experience, and scalability. Having so many years of active programming has allowed me to experience tons of different code styles and design patterns both good and bad. I absolutely love being able to leverage new and upcoming technologies to create user experiences that are exciting, easy to understand and allow the site grow exponentially.

Picture of Camille S.

Camille S.

Social Media Expert & Account Manager

Social media is my hobby turned profession. I research, curate, and make visible all the things your clients find interesting. I love to work with our clients to make sure we’re showcasing the best of their brand. The greatest satisfaction in my work is watching social media fans turn into customers! In my free time, I’m liking Facebook posts or trying out new photo filters on Instagram.

Picture of Elyse E.

Elyse E.

Social Media Account Manager

It is my job to assist you in building up and maximizing your online presence through multiple social media platforms. Maintaining a constant presence across multiple platforms not only extends your reach but also opens up more outlets for direct customer interactions. I see these platforms as great tools that are constantly evolving and improving upon how we interact with our targeted audiences. I am always striving to find the best ways to effectively assist you in expanding your brand.

Picture of Nathan F.

Nathan F.

Web Designer & Lead Brand Development Specialist

I build websites that capture and project the essence of our client’s businesses. My job is to merge creative vision and user experience with optimization and clean, efficient code that encourages search engines to give your product or service priority. In my free time I engage many personal projects in web development, design, and digital production; the internet is my creative outlet.

Picture of Sylvia W.

Sylvia W.

Content Generation Specialist

My forte falls on the writing side. I do the research, find the sources and generate unique pieces for our clients. I am proficient in a variety of writing styles and have a diverse lexicon. Whether lighthearted or professional, I strive to match the client’s tone for the project. My inner nerd thrives when I get to research subjects I have little experience with. Hip Recall 2011? Yes, please!