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Cab drivers are licensed drivers that operate a taxicab and transport people to the desired destination. A taxi driver runs a “drive for hire” business, in that the rider designates where they want to go. This differs from public transportation which has a predetermined route or destination. Taxi drivers and taxi transportation services vary in availability and prices from city to city. Most cities have a set rate per mile and an additional initial charge when the passenger climbs in. These prices are reflected on a meter. Depending on the provider, a taxi driver may cut a deal for a longer trip, and some even allow negotiations. On holidays, taxis are in particularly high demand because partygoers may choose to ride instead of drink and drive. In general, the more populated a city is, the more taxi cabs are available. That’s why SEO for Taxis & Cab Drivers is essential!

Why We Rock SEO for Cab & Taxi Drivers

SEO Hermit caters to taxi cabs and taxi drivers because we are able to zoom in on the local market and focus on driving customers to their website via local and phone/mobile search. With our innovative SEO techniques and state of the art methods, your taxicab company will have the tools to rise to the top of search engines. We know that local search for taxi companies is the key to success. We also know that most searchers use a cell phone to find the best cab company in the area. Why does that matter? The higher you are on a search, the more likely a customer will choose your site. Once they get to your site, the rest is history. Why choose SEO Hermit to promote your taxi cab business? Well, simply put: we are the best in the business, and our SEO clients will back us up. We have worked in and researched this industry for over ten years, long before SEO even had a name! You can trust us because we guarantee results.

Does SEO Work for Cab & Taxi Drivers?

If you’re worried that SEO is just too complicated for your business, stop right there. We aren’t robots! SEO Hermit is comprised of real humans that are always accessible to answer any of your questions. We will walk you through any questions you have about your individualized SEO plan. We do extensive keyword research to make sure we are targeting words that people are indeed searching for. Regardless of whether your business is local or national, we can cater to both needs. It is important to focus on geographic location for taxi cab business SEO because the people they cater to need their business in a specific city. A woman on the curb in New York can’t benefit from a cab in Texas. With the rise of Smart Phones, local searches for cab drivers or services have become particularly sought after. We are experts in this department, but we can’t help your business until you call. Contact us now for your free consultation!

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