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Professional Carpet Cleaning is a competitive industry that specializes in removing soil, dirt, and general grime from carpets and floors using a variety of methods. Leaders in the industry are exploring green methods of dirt removal, and others have perfected the use of hot water extraction for deep cleaning. Clients hire carpet cleaners to improve the aesthetics of their home, remove allergens, and increase the longevity of their carpet. While carpet cleaners generally focus on carpets, many companies also offer specialized services like mattress and upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing, and even water damage restoration.

Benefits of SEO for Carpet Cleaners

SEO has many benefits for carpet cleaners that are only limited to the number of people that have access to the internet, meaning the possibilities are endless. Regardless of the target market, search engine optimization can aim at your specific need. Typically carpet cleaners focus on a local need because they provide a face to face service. SEO can meet this need by focusing specific keywords to your city and state. If you are a national company, we can still meet the needs by targeting all of the locations. It is our experience that many clients looking for carpet cleaning services use cell phones to search. This makes Google local and Google Maps searches extremely important to our clients.

Our SEO is bar none, and our sites prove it. We have ten years of experience in this industry. That means we were doing homework and search engine optimization way before people even knew it existed! We have top of the line researchers, writers, and formatting experts to ensure your company will rise in rankings. We have worked with professional carpet cleaners and know how to tailor your specific needs. We know that customers search for “steam cleaners” but they really want hot water extraction because steam may damage their carpet. We know that you offer many different services and not just carpet cleaning, and we can handle it. We’ve got you covered!

Why We Rock SEO for Carpet Cleaners

We have a tried and true process of keyword selection to ensure your carpet cleaning company will stand out to the customer. We do research upon research to make sure none of our time or money is wasted on keywords that might seem pertinent to the carpet industry, but won’t perform. We use many different marketing techniques to make sure all bases are covered. This can range from e-mail and social media marketing to publishing informative articles about upholstery cleaning, or how to recover after a flood. Everything is specific for Professional Carpet Cleaning and the services you offer.

How do you stand out? What makes your cleaning company different? After the basics, this is our focus. What do you pride yourself on? We can start there. If your company does the fastest work or has the best customer service, we will aim our efforts at highlighting those areas. If you offer 24 hour service in the event of a carpet or flood emergency we can target that. Maybe you have a new innovative service or technique that is the best in the business. Let us market it for you! The bottom line is that SEO will increase leads for your carpet cleaning business. Contact us immediately so that we can discuss a custom SEO strategy for your carpet cleaning business!

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