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Golf Pros are people who earn a living and make their career in the golf industry. They are commonly recognized as the men and women who play golf on the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) tour, but that is not a requirement to be a golf pro. Though they may be an active golfer, the Golf Pro profession includes a wide array of jobs–from a club or resort manager to instructors who train golfers of all ages. Golf Pros display expert knowledge of the rules and regulations of golf. They know current trends and equipment, and most importantly have a passion and love for the game. Golf Pros have varying requirements for their position depending on where they choose to work. Touring professionals must have a PGA membership, while instructors may rely on their experience for their qualifications. Most spend an immense amount of time outside playing or teaching the game, and salaries vary depending on where they are employed and how often they work.

How Does It Work?

Our search engine optimization plans are designed with three things in mind: results, versatility, and ease of use. We offer short term and long term campaigns depending on your budget. The good news is, once we get your site fully optimized, the SEO will pay for itself! SEO is a way of presenting your website to major search engines in a desirable way. When sites are optimized well, they rank higher organically (naturally). Higher rankings mean more traffic, and we all know more traffic means more sales. We use a variety of techniques for our SEO including reputation management, social network marketing, and content generation. You choose the keywords you want to rank for and we make it happen. For example, you are a Golf Pro (your city) or Golf Instructor (your city). A potential customer is searching for a golf instructor and your website comes up in the top five. How’s that for advertising?

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SEO Hermit is hands-down the best SEO company on the planet. Sure, that’s a bold statement but our clients will confirm it. We are experts in SEO because we have been doing it for over 10 years! We were using techniques and tools before SEO had a formal name. Though we started with just one person, our team has expanded to include HTML gurus, innovative and technical writers, and top-notch web researchers. We all specialize in different areas but together comprise a force to be reckoned with. We whoop the competition because our technique is always changing and advancing with the industry. Don’t get caught with a SEO company that is using outdated SEO because it won’t be effective in the long term. If you want the best SEO, there’s no one better. Our client’s websites speak for themselves! Hands down: nobody beats SEO Hermit’s sites!

Why We Rock at SEO for Golf Pros

We know the industry — the Hermit himself is an avid golfer! Golf Pros need to advertise online because it’s a huge market and so many potential clients are searching for coaches online. If you give golf instruction and want to gain new customers, there is no better way than creating a website and optimizing it. If you have a golf shop and want to sell products online, quality SEO is a must. SEO brings traffic to a site by way of a search engine, so you need it if you sell a golf service or product online. It’s a necessity– don’t get left out! Contact us now for a free consultation!

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