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An optometrist is a medical professional trained in the care of the eye, as well as providing diagnostics and treatment for eye problems and diseases. Most work in private practices, though some work at hospitals. Optometrists treat a range of problems like conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma, and traumatic injuries. Most assist in vision correction with glasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery. All are licensed healthcare professionals that contribute to an increased quality of life, by helping patients see better.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is term used to describe a variety of tools and techniques that assist a website in appearing on the front pages of search engines. SEO has the highest and fastest return on investment for advertising because it makes your website available to the specific demographic searching for your business. In simple terms, a prospective patient needs a new optometrist, so they jump online and search for one in their area. Your site comes up in the top five, so they click on it. Before you know it, they’re in the office on Monday for an eye exam. Good SEO helps you come up on the first page of results for specific search terms or keywords. The higher your site appears, the more traffic it gets. Easy, right?

How do we do SEO for Optometrists?

SEO Hermit has worked with many medical websites, and know what patients need and want when they search for an optometrist. Our team has over 10 years of experience doing SEO for doctors, surgeons and optometrists. Our tactics are hands down the best in the business-- Check our references! Our team does extensive keyword research to make sure the terms people are searching for are on your site. With cell phones becoming the go-to device to search for eye doctors, we recognize the importance of having a mobile-friendly website and make sure to cover the mobile search market, as well as national or local markets (depending on your business). The best part about creating your SEO plan? It is entirely customizable to your needs. Budget, duration, keywords, etc. are all based on your needs. We handle your reputation management, which includes social networking and various other areas.

Why do YOU need SEO for Optometrists?

SEO is hands down the single most effective way to increase business.  Regardless of your specialty (eye disease, Lasik, pediatrics, traumatic injuries), SEO Hermit can market it to find the clients that need your office. While aesthetically pleasing websites are indeed, pleasing--- they don’t naturally attract people to the site. There are key aspects patients need from a medical website that we implement. The hands down, best way to “be found”, is SEO. It literally drives people in your area, searching for your business, to your website. It’s a direct hit! The longer you wait, the more time your competition has to get a leg up. Contact SEO Hermit today for your free consultation!