E-Commerce Conversion Optimization

Good E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Can Mean the World of a Difference in Sales

Today’s e-commerce world is extensive and complicated. The days of simply stocking and selling items online are over because the competition is extremely fierce. You need someone who understands customers, e-commerce, website code, and conversion optimization.

With the right things in place, you can turn your e-commerce company into a juggernaut online. SEO Hermit offers solutions for e-commerce businesses that are unique. With our knowledge of SEO and our extensive experience with e-commerce, we can help your business get to the next level.

What is E-Commerce Conversion Optimization?

E-commerce conversion optimization is the process of identifying what customers are looking for and presenting your product or service in a way that will convert to a lead or sale. It can also involve “upsells” or impulse buys that increase the profitability of each conversion.

There are many ways to assess what customers are looking for, but the best way is to evaluate how customers are finding your site, what they’re looking at on your site, and how often they find what they’re looking for. Tracking each movement of your customers is key to understanding what they like and don’t like. We focus on finding what they like, building pages for what they like, and then funneling the customer to product or service checkout.

Keys to E-commerce Optimization:

  • Understanding your visitors’ intentions based on keyword searches
  • Tracking customer conversions vs customer exits or “bounces”
  • Building specific pages that can convert “hot leads” into customers
  • Providing the right service or product to specific customers
  • A/B Testing to find pages that convert better than others
  • Showing security seals and badges of honor

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Solid Ways to Optimize Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

There are a few ways to really optimize your e-commerce conversion rate for maximum sales, and it doesn’t take too much knowledge or effort. As with everything, it’s always recommended to bring in an expert to gain the best results, but in the meantime, there are things you can do!

Keyword Research

Understanding your visitors’ intentions based on the keyword search is paramount. Sometimes a particular search brings in a lot of traffic, but it doesn’t convert to new business. This is because the page that is ranking for the keyword search isn’t really what people are looking for.

Of course, the quality of the website design and content always have an effect on the visitor’s behavior. However, if the site and content quality are acceptable, why are visitors leaving the page without moving on to one of the conversion pages? Time and research usually reveal that the page is not offering the service or product the visitor is looking for.

Tracking Your E-commerce Conversions

Tracking your customer conversions and comparing the pages viewed against the customers that leave quickly or browse and do not buy can make all the difference in a site that converts and a site that doesn’t.

Careful examination of the popular pages viewed by those that convert can be an excellent resource for finding why some visitors convert. Our service tracks every move by every visitor so we can distinguish where our efforts need to be focused.

Building Landing Pages to Help Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Building “landing pages” is an old-school tactic, but it still works today. Sometimes a boring category page that lists products of a certain type isn’t interesting enough to convert the “iffy” visitors. You might want to build a page that offers a coupon or highlights the benefits of the listed products.

The same goes for services. Sometimes describing the service to your visitors might not be enough and specific images or infographics might help the visitor understand what you’re offering and how you stand out from the competition.

Achieving Solid E-Commerce Conversion Optimization with A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a “newish” type of conversion optimization that compares the conversion rate of two different pages (Page A vs Page B) and, based on the number of conversions over a period of time, determines what page actually converts customers better. This is a powerful tool if you have the time and ability to build out lots of pages and do lots of testing. We have had very good results with these types of tests and definitely recommend A/B testing to all of our e-commerce conversion clients.

Show Off Your Credentials

Finally, showing off your honorary badges and security seals can really make a difference in conversions. Visitors like to know that their information is private and that you do your best to secure any information submitted to your site. Security seals, SSL certificates, and honorary badges (BBB, E-commerce experts, etc) can really boost conversions. Be sure to display your badges of certification proudly & prominently on your site.

Why We Rock at E-Commerce Conversion Optimization

If you have an e-commerce business and you’re looking to grow it into something that makes real money, you should definitely consider our E-commerce conversion optimization service. We can boost your sales and convert more visitors into customers. Contact us today to discuss a customized plan for your company.