Proof SEO Works: Case Studies

There’s a lot of skepticism when it comes to SEO & online marketing, and rightfully so.
But we’re going to show you real proof that SEO works.

Our methods are 100% whitehat & search-engine approved and the results speak for themselves!

Proof SEO Works: Case Study #1 - Rolling Paper Depot

SEO Case Study #1: Rolling Paper Depot

Rolling Paper Depot is an online store that sells rolling papers and other roll-your-own accessories for tobacco. After a successful and ongoing online marketing campaign with SEO Hermit, they are now the #1 online retailer of rolling papers in the world, boasting first place rankings for many competitive keywords. We helped them to achieve the following:

  • Increased Sales +15,000%
  • Dominant Rankings
  • Built 50,000+ E-mail List
  • 55K+ Instagram Followers
  • 25K+ Facebook Fans
  • 20K+ Twitter Followers

The Challenge

The company was started in 2007 with absolutely no direction or online presence at all. The website lacked a user-friendly design and hardly converted any visitors into customers. After 3 years of bare-bones sales and a lot of upkeep, the company was costing more to operate than it was bringing in. That’s when the owners took to the phones and called on online marketing & e-commerce expert Jarrod Smith of SEO Hermit.

The Strategy

The plan was simple: design a more user-friendly website that is more trustworthy and then dominate the search engines. We seamlessly migrated the website with zero complications or downtime and began working on optimizing the website for high-competition keywords. After some e-commerce conversion rate optimization, their sales and customer retention rate started to grow astronomically.

Proof SEO Works from Our Search Listing with Rolling Paper Depot

The Results

In a little over a year, Rolling Paper Depot rose from a literal “nobody” company to the alpha dog of the industry, blowing away the competition. Over the course of a few months, the website started ranking first place on Google for many keywords we had targeted, with almost all of the keywords resulting in a first page listing – all organically! Sales are more than 15,000% higher (yes, really!) and their social media influence reaches out to over 100,000 individuals.

In 2017, Rolling Paper Depot began utilizing e-mail marketing, a channel that now sits in the top three sources of traffic along with organic search and social media. In only 6 months, we were able to assist the client in building a list with over 50,000 customer e-mails who have opted in to receive promotions. In an industry that bans paid advertising (tobacco), these organic marketing channels are huge successes!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - Precision Carpet Care

SEO Case Study #2: Precision Carpet Care

Precision Carpet Care is a full service carpet cleaning company in Austin, Texas. After being drowned by the tough competition on Google, the owners called SEO Hermit to see if they could start ranking for high-competition keywords that would bring them more phone leads & website conversions. Luckily for them, local and online marketing for carpet cleaners is kind of our specialty. Precision Carpet Care wanted to do whatever it took to get on the radar in their area. Here are some notable achievements we helped them to gain:

  • Top Google Local Listing
  • All Keywords on First Page
  • Maintained A+ Reputation
  • Increased Traffic 450%
  • 600% Increase in FB Likes
  • 1000% Increase on Twitter

The Challenge

There was a huge challenge with this client due to the fact that other carpet cleaners in the area were already very competitive online, meaning we had to outperform other SEO companies for the top position. This is usually very tough to do because the early bird gets the worm on Google, however, if the search optimization is done properly, you can always win in the long run.

The Strategy

The SEO Hermit was confident that we could secure top search and local rankings for Precision Carpet Care with our whitehat techniques. Over the course of a few months, the website was gaining first page and even first place rankings for some very competitive keywords, which gave us a chance to start converting the search traffic to sales via our e-mail marketing & social management.

Proof SEO Works from Our Search Listing with Precision Carpet Care

The Results

Not only are the new leads from the website paying off the monthly SEO services in only a week, but Precision Carpet Care is seeing a much higher customer retention rate due to our monthly promotional e-mail marketing service as well as higher ratings on local review sites such as Yelp and Google Local, thanks to our reputation management service.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

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